The Unilasalle Clinic is now La Salle Health. “The new brand is the result of a collaborative work between the different professionals of the La Salle University, Clinics and community. It gives an own identity to La Salle Health, which is part of the La Salle Network, but is already consolidated in the city and region”, explained Cleiton Bierhals Decker, the University’s Marketing Director.

At the La Salle University, the words health, well-being, and quality of life are allies with research and building knowledge. The place is also important for the practical development of academics, technological promotion, research and excellence in teaching. Indeed, qualified research is one of the products of La Salle Health. “Research is one of the pillars of technological and social development. We are approaching the community to solve real problems of society. We are abdicating to do health research, we are doing research for health”, stated Prof. Dr. Rafael Zanin, Coordinator of the Master in Health and Quality of Life.

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