International exchange is a great opportunity for students looking to expand and deepen their knowledge through new experiences. You will have the chance to live abroad and attend a portion of your program in another university.

The opportunity students have of attending some of their programs abroad is a way of expanding their knowledge. When students enroll abroad they get information about the field of knowledge they are studying from a standpoint that is necessarily different than the one in their country of origin. That allows students to broaden their field of vision based on a reality other than their local one. Students abroad interact with other students from different nationalities, and that further encourages them to share their experiences and culture.

Taking your first step:

“Do you want to study here? First, talk to your university’s International Office. They will be able to inform you if they are our partner and what are the internal procedures and requirements needed to apply for an exchange program. If you still need more information, please contact us via email at

What you should know?

– Student visa (Students may obtain information about student visa´s requirements in the Brazilian Embassy/Consulate in their home country)
– Health Insurance (All students must come to Brazil with Health Insurance that covers all medical expenses during the exchange period)
– Accommodation (Reserve your accommodation at least one week before traveling to Brazil)
– Portuguese Courses (The student is not required to speak Portuguese fluently, but it is important that he/she has an intermediate knowledge of the language. Free Portuguese tutoring is offered at Unilasalle to foreign students)

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